Anna Majó and Escola Dovella

Anna Majó Rossell

Graduated in Design by EINA (University Centre of Art and Design attached to the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), master and PhD student at the “Visual Arts and Education” interuniversity postgraduate studies. She has worked as a graphic designer (starting 2001), she has taught at EINA in the areas of graphic design, visual creation and design culture (starting 2005) and takes part in the research groups of “Design Didactics” (EINA, 2013) and “Esbrina, Subjectivities, visualities and contemporary educational environments” (University of Barcelona, 2015)

Her research topics, relating to her thesis, focus on the pedagogy of design and the collaborative design processes for social transformation, in educational contexts.

Escola Dovella

Born as a cooperative of teachers (1972) it aims to provide an innovative and quality proposal in the Clot district of Barcelona. It is part of CEPEC (group of schools that support the Catalan public school) and afterwards goes into the public school system of the Generalitat de Catalunya (1989). Since the creation of the school, the teaching team seeks and establishes complicities inside and outside the centre to rethink, redefine and base their educational practice. Its dynamic and constantly developing project is based on the basic axes of the Educational Perspective of the Work Projects, trying to go beyond specific methodologies in order to provide new answers to the complex challenges that the school poses.

Teresa Viñals Bisbal

Graduated in Education and Fine Arts from the University of Barcelone, she practically carried out all her learning process as a teacher at the Escola Dovella in Barcelone, in this need to build a project that turns the school into a learning and life space. Weaving complicities, creating and sharing processes of change. Collaborating with people and institutions such as Raons Públiques (cooperative of urbanism specialized in the participation for the construction of the city), Coeducacció (intervention and construction of knowledge for educational transformation from a gender perspective), Can Framis (contemporary art space), Fundació Antoni Tàpies (project to rethink the idea of openness in artistic and educational institutions). She participates as a trainer in different fields, rethinking from an internal and external point of view the study line of the Educational Perspective of the Work Projects. She is also part of the group ICE of the University of Barcelone that reflects and shares the latter viewpoint.