1. POLITICS of mediation in art, illustration and childhood
  • Politics of children’s access to art in the contemporary culture.
  • The role of art institutions and the illustration field in children’s training.
  • Relations and dynamic of interaction among art institutions, children’s illustration field and educational institutions.
  • Educational departments of museums and art institutions: professional, organizational and programmatical issues.
  • Illustration and visual culture in the 21st century, new challenges.


  1. MODELS of mediation and didactic strategies: a critical view
  • Pedagogical perspectives and didactic strategies in museums and art institutions.
  • Conceptions, topics and individual of educational mediation in art institutions, artistic and curatorial practices and creation of children’s images.
  • Connections in art, visual culture and illustration in the processes of children’s educational mediation.


  1. EXPERIENCES and PRACTICES of educational mediation in art, visual culture and illustrated publications for children
  • Connection among artists, illustrators and educators in children’s educational mediation.
  • Illustration and children’s drawing as a way to develop pre-school and primary changing educational projects.
  • Assessment and results of mediation processes in art and visual culture.